Olivier Giroud To Outshine Luis Suarez This Season?

Arsenal v Aston Villa - Premier LeagueArsene Wenger had backed ‘exceptional’ Olivier Giroud to outshine summer target Luis Suarez on yesterday. But can the French man end up outshining Suarez at the end of the season?

The Gunners failed in their pursuit of Suarez in the summer and will face the man they tried to sign at the weekend. The Uruguayan has been in superb form with six goals in four games and will look to continue that run against Arsenal.

“I believe that Giroud has proven since the start of the season that he’s an exceptional striker and I’m convinced that he’ll be up for it.”

“They are different styles of players. Giroud is a real centre forward who uses well that space and uses his power – he’s really central. Suarez is more a player who goes on the flanks and is more a dribbler.”

Personally, I think Suarez is the best player in the league but I believe Giroud will outshine him through this season. Main reason for this belief is the state of Liverpool’s midfield. Suarez carried them on his back for the bulk of last season but I cannot see that happening again this season.


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  1. I don’t think Giroud is anywhere near the class of Suarez. Yesterday was a good example of 2 great chances that Giroud missed and a good striker would have converted. Even the so called non strikers like Ramsey and Santi Gazola are better strikers. Arsenal would do well to sign a good striker in the January window.

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