Arsenal To Announce Deal For New “Dennis Bergkamp”

The story of Arsene Wenger’s success would not be complete without the mention of Dutch striker Dennis Bergkamp.

According to reports,

Arsenal have a new version of Dennis Bergkamp in Mesut Ozil, according to former Gunners star Robert Pires.

The Dutchman helped guide Arsene Wenger’s side to three Premier League titles and four FA Cup trophies during his time at the club, playing an instrumental role in Arsenal’s attack.

And Pires, who was part of the same Invincibles side as Bergkamp, believes Ozil is a similar catalyst in the current Arsenal side.

‘What’s happened in the head is like a click because he’s scored a lot of goals,’ Pires told Arsenal’s official website.

‘This is a difference between the last season with Mesut Ozil and now because he’s thinking just for himself and sometimes when you are in front of the target it is very important to score a goal.

‘Mesut Ozil has very good qualities, he can normally score a minimum of 12 goals during the Premier League so in my time the maestro was Dennis Bergkamp, and now it is Mesut Ozil.

‘I love them both because they play very good football but they play for the team. Not for himself, they play for the team. This point is very important for the future and of course for Arsenal.’



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