Mesut Ozil Is Deceitful, He Joined Arsenal For Money – Real Madrid Launches Another Attack On Ozil


I wonder when the dust would finally settle over Ozil’s switch to Arsenal. Comments have been rife over his surprise switch and his former teammates have expressed their disappointment at Madrid’s decision to sell the German. In a visible attempt to defend their master, Real Madrid’s hatchet press Marca have launched a stinging attack on their former midfielder, accusing him of deceit and opting to join Arsenal because of the money and not Madrid’s desire to cash in or Wenger’s persuasive powers as Ozil suggested.

The accusations leveled against Ozil is that he chose money over success and also lied against Ancelotti by claiming he didn’t have the trust of the Italian despite starting two games under him all in a bid to secure a move away.

“Arsène Wenger must be quite the charmer! Or could it be that Özil and his father, Mustafa, already had their minds made up for other reasons?”


Wonder why Real are crying foul through their mouthpiece? If they accuse him of leaving for the money, what should Tottenham say of Bale? They also said he chose money over success. I think that appellation fits Ronaldo better, how successful has been the Portuguese attacker since he swapped Old Trafford for Bernabeu? In 4 years, he has won only a league title and a Copa Del Rey and yet to play in a Champions league final. So what success are they talking about? I know Arsenal haven’t won a trophy in 8 years but it is also a shame that a club of Real’s standing despite the plethora of expensive buys and constant hiring and firing of managers are yet to play in a Champions League final since they won it in 2001.

Real Madrid should stop crying foul. They traded a very good player just to acquire a more high profile one. They should stop unsettling Ozil, he is at a new club now and they should allow him move on. Rather that dotting on him, they should focus on unworthy world record signing.

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  1. Please Real, leave Ozil alone so that he can settle at his new club. focus on your new overpriced catch and what he has up his sleeves for you. much as we know that you have come to realise how you have messed up your transfer business with poor judgement, leave it for now and make correction in January. This bla bla bla wont change anything

  2. REAL is like a spouse keep foul mouth the ex who divorced “it”.

    REAL is a big circle club which has the least respect among the fans.

  3. Dis is outrightly a disgrace on d overspending real. U sold him when he was not willing to go. Now u realise u av sold a talent. Leave him alone pls nd let him settle at his new club. U av already lost a gold bcos of a bronze. UP GUNNERS!!!!!!!! UP MESUT!!!!. Cant wait till 14.

  4. I think real should focus on whats lying ahead of an stop crying because ozil has left you guy for a new club what success do you guys have success of buying a single player for 86mil rediculous..So shut up an move the hell on without ozil

  5. oh my god,what are we going to do…..i cannot believe we have signed a man who likes…wait for it…….MONEY AND WOMEN!!!!i think we may have to send him for treatment for that…..

  6. It is something regrettable that the Hollywood club, the circus club is crying foul over their judgment as if they were forced to sell. They wanted the money to make up for their expected commercial largesse that would come from buying Bale. From the word go, the new manager did not find him suitable for his tactics. He had his plans and went for them. This Real Club should allow the young man who served them well to move on.

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