Mesut Ozil Is A Dud Like Soldado Claims Spurs Legend


Arsenal’s German midfielder Mesut Ozil is the man in the eye of the storm. The reasons aren’t far-fetched, he hasn’t really stepped up to the plate in the big games and last week in the champions league, he missed a crucial penalty that could have given Arsenal the lead and a decent leverage in the tie against Bayern Munich. To this end, he has been likened with another big name flop Robert Soldado at North London neighbours Tottenham. Tottenham legend Lord Sugar revealed and here are his tweets.

“@StanCollymore: Ozil needs taking out of the first team for 2 or 3 games. English intensity every week e… . He is a dud like soldado

— Lord Sugar (@Lord_Sugar) February 19, 2014

“@StanCollymore: Ozil, as i said, is physically and mentally shot. couple of games.”…….He can have 2 weeks off at Butlins with Soldado

— Lord Sugar (@Lord_Sugar) February 19, 2014

I would not dispute the fact that Ozil seems to have lost gas in recent games but to compare him with Soldado is way off the mark. Both men came from La Liga and came with huge reputation. While Ozil was Arsenal’s record signing with 42.4million Pounds, Soldado remains Spurs most expensive striker at 26 million Pounds.

Ozil came to the Premier League on the back of being the assist king and he hasn’t done badly. He has 8 assists in the Premier League already, that is not bad at all unlike Soldado who has only mustered just a goal from open play.

Ozil can never be a flop like Soldado, all he needs is ample time to rest and regain his form and strength. He has settled in the Premier League much more than Soldado. I believe the negative spotlight on Ozil is part of the media conspiracy against Arsenal. I wonder why nobody is talking about Lamela who also cost a fortune, how about Felliani and Jovetic?

Ozil is not a flop and can never be one, all he needs is a little rest.


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