Mesut Ozil Attacked By Real Madrid Once Again

Ancelotti is doing Real’s hatchet job very well and has refused to let the sleeping dog lie. He is still talking about Ozil’s exit from Real Madrid,

“At great clubs there are two ways to react to competition: either you stay to fight for your position or you leave.

“Mamadou Sakho talked to me early last season (during his time at Paris St Germain) and I warned him that he would have to fight to play, and he said he would do that.

“Ozil preferred to leave. He said he left the club because he didn’t feel trust. But he never came to talk to me. Before the international break we played three matches, he played two in the starting XI and he didn’t play the last one because of transfer rumours.”

( L’Equipe)

From the quotes, the Italian was obviously trying to give the dog a bad name just to hang it. Saying Ozil choose the easy way out by opting to leave rather than compete. I find that risible. A player that stayed as a youngster to compete with a superstar Kaka, who was even the World record acquisition at some point would now flee at the presence of competition in the mould of a rising star Isco when he has already carved a niche for himself in the world of assist makers. How come?

He also said Ozil said he left because he wasn’t trusted. Well, that wasn’t far from the truth. Agreed Ozil played 2 of the 3 matches Real played before his summer departure but in what position? A player that played all his Real career through the middle was suddenly thrown on the wings, a position he deemed as his weak point. Has anybody bothered to wonder why that was done? Apparently, it wasn’t because Real were short of options on the wings, they had Ronaldo, Di Maria and Isco, players that were at home on the wings so why opt for Ozil? Obviously, they wanted him out to cushion the effect of the huge splash on Bale but fearing a backlash from fans, they opted to play him out of position and when he doesn’t play well, the fans that would have fought for him would be the ones calling for his head. Then, putting him on the bench would be justified. He saw ahead of Real’s coup and decided to leave before his record was ruined.

Well, Real’s loss is Arsenal’s gain. Judging from the outcry and eulogies that followed his exit, he would be an attraction for other stars to want to join Arsenal. Ronaldo described him as the player who makes the most assists for him, Fabregas described him as Real’s second best player behind Ronaldo. In a team that had Alonso, Modric, Di Maria, Benzema and Higuain, to be the second best behind the obvious incumbent is no fluke. Any team will gladly jump at any Real player even if he is a reject, little wonder Tottenham and Manchester United wanted Coentrao while City wanted Pepe. Mourinho described him as the best 10 in the world. The Portuguese isn’t so comely with his former players so making such lofty comments about Ozil means a lot. The goal of every star is to play with fellow stars and now Arsenal has a genuine one. Not one made in their ludus but one bought ready made. Certainly, other stars would want to play with him and would now take Arsenal’s interest seriously. Should we return for Suarez, Rooney or Lewandowski, they will push to join us.

The obvious beneficiary from Ozil’s arrival would be Giroud. The Frenchman is Arsenal’s only fir striker at the moment and is bound to be gifted plethora of opportunities. Last season, he scored 17 goals in all competitions but this season he has already scored 5 goals in all competitions and should he stay fit, he might score 30 plus goals. If Adebayor who was profligate and isn’t as decent in front of goal could score 29 goals just because he had Hleb, Fabregas and Rosicky making chances for him, why won’t Giroud score more when he has a superb midfield gang of Ozil, Wilshere, Cazorla, Walcott, Rosicky and Ramsey orchestrating chances for him?

Two things can guarantee goals; prolific striker who seldom misses chances or a wasteful one that is perpetually bombarded by plethora of chances. Giroud might not be more of the former, though not so much of the latter too but with so many chances, Arsenal will score many goals. Giroud won’t be the only beneficiary, Walcott and Podolski will profit too.


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