Mathieu Flamini – The Signing Of The Summer?

When Wenger discussed the prospects of re-signing Flamini, many fans scoffed at it and attributed the desire to bring back the Frenchman who had previously turned his back on the Gunners when they were in dire need of him to Le Prof’s reluctance to spend money. But thanks to Wenger’s veto power, he re-signed the former AC Milan midfielder. Since his return, he has been in blistering form. Not only has he been protecting the Arsenal back four, he has also been protecting the more skillful Arsenal players from been bullied by other opponents.

The latest been his weekend heroics. One team that has been a pain in the neck for Arsenal has been Stoke and it’s down to their overtly physical and combative style. It was against them that Aaron Ramsey suffered a broken leg that nearly ruined his career many seasons ago and at the weekend, Jack Wilshere was subjected to more rough treatments especially from Marc Wilson. It got to boiling point and Flamini confronted the Potter, threatening him. The threat must have been so severe that he didn’t trouble the midfielder again till he left the pitch. It seems Arsenal now have a beast to complement their many beauties.

Though the exact details of what he said hasn’t come to the open but rumours on facebook are suggesting that Flamini said something like “Do it again and I will blind you.”

Arsenal have for long been accused of been too soft, hence can’t withstand the pressure from highly physical sides. I don’t think the same can be said of the current Arsenal side with Flamini there. The Frenchman is a tough tackling player who doesn’t shy away for individual duels and his presence in the team has given more attacking license to Ramsey and Wilshere.

I am relishing relishing Arsenal’s visit to Britannia and against Chelsea who will attempt to ruffle our feathers. The Frenchman might just be key contender for the signing of the season.


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