Massive shock for Arsenal as Alexis Sanchez join Man United

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Manchester United met with Alexis Sanchez’s representatives in London this week.

That is according to Sky Sport Italia reporter Valentina Fass.

“It’s been more than an approach really, they seem very determined to get Alexis Sanchez away from Manchester City,” Fass told Sky Sports News.

“Sanchez already had a kind of agreement, general agreement with Manchester City to go there either in June, where he will be a free agent and when his contract ends, or now.

“But he hasn’t signed anything and then Manchester United steps in.

“From what we know, there have been a few meetings already between Manchester United and Sanchez’s agents, one of them even in London in the past few days.

“Manchester United seem very determined to get him, again it could be either now or in June.

“But what seems to be the key to all of this is the amount of money.

“I think they’re prepared to offer more money than Manchester City to get him and are putting on the table also a player, Mkhitaryan.

“From what we understand there has already been talks with Arsenal for this.”


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