Manchester United Are Not Trustworthy – Claims Former Arsenal Star

cesc-fabregas-short-hairstyles3Cesc Fabregas has warned Premier League clubs not to underestimate Manchester United, despite a worrying dip in form. The Premier League champions sit 8th in the table after a poor start to the season but Fabregas believes you can’t trust them.

His comments regard the fact that they always end up near the top of the table no matter how bad it seems they are doing and so although it appears they may continue to do badly, they will surprise everyone and dramatically climb the table.

“With Manchester United there is always talk about a dip, a dip, a dip and yet they always end up there, at the top. You can’t trust them.”

“It’s always the same. Ten years ago I arrived in England and I’ve been ten years saying, “Look out this year, United might have a dip”, and in the end they are always there.”

The midfielder does believe Arsenal have what it takes to win the title this year though as he believes they have things they haven’t had in previous years.

“When everyone is so young it is difficult for someone to stand up and say, “Come on!” We often had meetings to solve the problem and they helped and we made sense of things but that experience was missing. Now they have found a very good balance. They have people there who have a lot of experience like Per Mertesacker, Mikel Arteta & Lukas Podolski.”

“What the team has now is the strength of character that was maybe lacking in the past and was only every going to come with age.”

“They look very strong so far, so let’s just see how they last the season.”


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