Luiz Suarez Will Stay At Liverpool – Says Liverpool Legend


Former Liverpool defender and legend Jamie Carragher has told Liverpool they should not sell Luiz Suarez to Arsenal if they do not want to look stupid. Carragher admitted Suarez was not the same player he used to know when he went on visit to Liverpool’s training ground recently but he still expect the Uruguayan to remain at Anfield at the end of the transfer window.

‘I expect him to stay at Liverpool now,’ Carragher said.

‘I think if you come out as owner and say that, and then something happens, you make yourself look stupid.

‘I’m glad he has done it and I think everyone in football should be glad he has done it. It is maybe a message for players.

‘I trained with him once this summer and you are talking about probably one of the best trainers I have ever seen. I’ve only seen him once, God knows what he has been like all pre-season, but he hasn’t been his normal self.’

Although the management of Liverpool have made it clear they will not be selling to Suarez to Arsenal or any other club, this has not made the gunners to stop from trying to sign the troublesome striker.

Although many believe it is a point of no return for Suarez as he seem to have burnt his bridges when he went public with his intentions to leave Liverpool, Carragher however believe he will be forgiven due to his quality.

‘He’s the best player,’ said Carragher.

‘It probably all affects supporters more who absolutely love the club. Players come and go at different times; we are all probably selfish, we think about our own situation. I think a lot of them will be probably focused on getting themselves ready for the start of the league.

‘I’m sure they will want Luis to stay because it gives them more chance of being successful. So how does Suarez go about rehabilitating himself? Play football, play well, score goals.’

It remains to be seen if Suarez will remain at Anfield next seaso or will be plying his trade with Arsenal at the Emirates stadium.


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