Luiz Suarez Wants To Join Arsenal Within 2 days

Luiz SuarezLuiz Suarez has told Liverpool he wants the impasse regarding is future resolved within the next 2 days ( meaning he can be a gunner by Monday ). The Uruguayan is angry with Liverpool who has turned now 2 different bids from Arsenal with the last one a cheeky £40,000,001 bid.

Suarez and his advisers believe the £40,000,001 bid means he is free to join Arsenal as the clause in his contract allows him to do that if he so wishes. Suarez’s camp are of the opinion that the clause in Suarez contract allows him to join any team playing in the champions league should a bid of over of £40,000,000 arrives and with the bid from Arsenal surpassing £40,000,000 by a pound, Suarez wans to be allowed to join Arsenal should he agree terms with them.

Liverpool have stated clearly that they are not ready to sell. They have however told Arsenal that should Suarez insist on leaving, they will be forced to sell but not for any less than their valuation of £50 million.

According to reports, Suarez has met with Brendan Rodgers and has told the manager he likes Liverpool but he feels it is high time he played in the champions league and that they should allow him go within the next 2 days.

Liverpool were hoping Real Madrid will be interested but with the Spanish giants focused on ensuring they sign Gareth Bale from Tottenham, Arsenal has monopoly of interest and as such Liverpool has been boxed into an angle. There are also reports that Arsenal may encourage Suarez to request for a transfer and should this be the case, Liverpool will have no choice than to accept the cheeky bid of £40,000,001 from Arsenal.

This means Suarez will forfeit his loyalty bonus but they Gunners are willing to compensate him for that through bumper pay package according to the reports.

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  1. I think in that case if liverpool didn’t leave the uruguayan then he can shift to EPL court,when at least there is an agreement in his contract with liverpool.

  2. How long is it gonna take us 2 sign one top quality player? I don’t think we are serious n even interested in signing any. Are we gonna wait 4 Real Madrid 2 scupper this Suarez deal b4 n start licking our wounds? God saves Arsenal.else we are doom 4 ever.

  3. they liverpool must leave suarez alone tand they should let him go to where he want.they should let him leave to play champions league

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