Luiz Suarez Set To Break Arsenal Fans’ Heart By Signing For Real Madrid

SportsDirect News are reporting that Arsenal target Luiz Suarez has agreed a move to either of Bayern Munich or Real Madrid. Suarez has been the subject of 2 failed bids from Arsenal. Arsenal were hopefully of completing the signing of the Uruguayan but if SportsDirect news reports are true, the striker has completed a deal to sign for either Madrid or Bayern Munich.

Although Bayern Munich were not been reported as likely destination for the troublesome striker, Sources close to Sports direct have however claim it is a possibility.

“I have been told by a person very close to the player that the deal is done and that it’s not Arsenal. No one ever takes anything for granted in this game until a final announcement is made, but all the indications are he will be en route to Madrid or Munich—the only other serious bidders”.

If true, Suarez will be the second striker the gunners are missing out on in this summer’s transfer window. They only recently lost the signing of Real Madrid’s Gonzalo Higuain to Italian club, Napoli.


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  1. Don’t be silly Wenger never intended to spend that sort of money it was just a game so he could say he tried. If Liverpool had agreed top £40m + 1 that would have called his bluff and I’m sure he’d have found another way of avoiding the transfer.

    Just look to see what Benetez has achieved in a short time and the compare it with our inept management. £70m will only buy you two top players so just how serious are we? £200m + makes us players, of course our squad is good enough, well if it isn’t then I expect to AW and the G man to tender their resignations, sorry got it wrong accept their pay increases.

  2. let him break the heart.. wenger is now shifting our attention to modric. he wont buy any player

  3. Wenger and the current board are very timid about spending money for top players who will command decent wages. The players on his teams all know that, that is why they get frustrated and leave for clubs with ambition after a few years. Cesc left for that reason but talked about wanting to go home as it was easier for the fans to digest. Van persie left when it became clear to him that he was not about to get help with big signings. We can go on and on with names like Nasri, Hleb,Famini, Clichy. Wenger wants to win but cannot by blooding youngsters . He will always seek young cheap players with talent that he can bring thru his system.They themselves get frustrated and leave for better clubs. He was fortunate to do so and win with Henry and Viera but he inherited a team with a bunch of veterans that made it possible. This was also early in his tenure , so it was important to win then and so his approach was different. Since then he has systemically altered his teams and approach and Arsenal has allowed him the time to do so despite not winning anything over past seven years. Arsene would not have lasted this long at Madrid, Barcelona,Bayern, Chelsea , Manchester United or City or any team that had ambitions to win trophies on a regular basis.

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