Liverpool To Arsenal : Qualify For Champions League First And You Can Sign Suarez

Luiz SuarezThe Suarez to Arsenal saga rumbles on but that isn’t a surprise because the Gunners are not strangers to long drawn transfers, the pursuit of Nasri, Ashavin and Cazorla took similar dimension, so I am not surprised with the daily twist of Suarez’s pursuit. Firstly, it was Liverpool saying he wasn’t for sale and pundits doubting if Arsenal could really offer what could tempt the Reds to consider a sale. Then, came the first bid which was swiftly rejected.

Afterwards came the revelation that the Uruguayan had a clause in his contract, one that if triggered could see him leaving Liverpool. To activate the clause, a bid in the excess of 40 million Pounds must be made. Arsenal did that but yet again, it was rejected even though they had a chance of speaking with Suarez but what’s the
essence of speaking without dotted lines signed?.

Liverpool claimed the clause just entitled them to notify Suarez of the offer, possibly give him a chance to speak to the interested party but not one that will compel them to sell.

Now they are willing to sell but at a minimum of 50 million Pounds, a price that Wenger might just be unwilling to sanction. The latest twist to the saga is that Liverpool are claiming that even if they are going to sell, it must be to a Champions league club and Arsenal that are leading the race for him are not yet in the competition since they still have 2-legged play-offs to navigate.

Both legs will be navigated by the 27th of August which leaves Arsenal with just 6 days to complete the transfer (if they make the group stages of the Champions League) but Arsenal can have 13 days to do that if they can win the 1st leg comprehensively whether or not at the Emirates.

Whichever way it goes, I believe Liverpool are only fighting a lost battle. Using Arsenal’s Champions’ league qualification as a premise for the transfer and the play-offs has a reason to delay the deal is just an exercise in futility. The Gunners are not new to Champions league play-offs and they have never failed to scale the hurdle. Even when they played Napoli and Celtic. I don’t see Arsenal facing a test bigger than those two this time around.

Suarez’s switch isn’t a matter of if but that of when as far as I am concern.


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