Liverpool Owner Mocks Arsenal On Twitter

Luiz Suarez

In a news that will surprise many Arsenal fans, it was revealed yesterday by the Times newspaper that Arsenal’s £40 million ( plus a cheeky £1 ) was rejected by Liverpool. Many were hopeful that Arsenal would be able to sign Suarez from the Anfield lords with the £40 million bid especially as it is widely reported that the South American has a release clause of £40 million.

To even make it worst, Liverpool owner, John W Henry has turned to twitter to mock the Gunners for bidding an amount they believe is derisory. Although there is a possibility of it been that Henry’s twitter account was hacked but the following tweet came from a twitter account that is surely his :

“What do you think they’re smoking over there at Emirates?”

The good thing is that according to BBC and so many other media outlets, with the £40 million bid, Arsenal can now talk to Suarez and possibly agree terms with him and should he should to agree terms with the Gunners, I expect him to put in a transfer request which will obviously put Liverpool in a tight corner.

Seems the battle just began and if Suarez shows his true colors, I expect Liverpool to lose this battle just like Arsenal lost hers to Barca years ago.

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  1. I doubt Liverpool beating Martinez’s eve, Avb’s spurs to top 6, not to start imagining beating ars, che, manU & mnc to top 4. Dracu-luiz’s got this attitude of his that if he dares table a transfer request, liverpool wil be shaken. I believe this deal is done. John Henry should not go beyond the elastic limit. Transfers have gone smoothly all over the world, Dracu-luiz to ars shouldnt be a prob. Ars has to even charge liverpool for the 6 matches if they’ve go no brain.

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