Liverpool Legend Advises Suarez Not To Move To Arsenal


Steven Gerrard has revealed that he has advised Luis Suarez against moving to the Emirates.

‘If he goes to Arsenal, it obviously makes our season that bit more difficult,’ Gerrard told the Liverpool Echo. ‘It strengthens them an awful lot and they are our rivals for a top four position. From the club’s point of view it doesn’t make sense at all, no matter how much money is put on the table.

‘Luis wants Champions League but so do I. If he was to stay around for 12 months and we achieved a top four finish, there is no better place in the world to play Champions League football than in front of an Anfield crowd.

‘If he was to go abroad to a Real Madrid or Barcelona I would totally understand it. He’s a South American and from a family point of view, it’s where they all want to be. Some of the top players I’ve played – Javier Mascherano, Xabi Alonso – their dream was to play for Real Madrid or Barcelona.

‘If I was Luis I would wait for one of those two clubs because I think he’s good enough to play for either of them.’

Gerrard, 33, added: ‘If we get the couple of marquee signings we need and keep Luis that will give me confidence that we can compete. Keeping Luis could be our best signing of the summer.’

He also admitted that Liverpool would move a ‘step backwards’ by selling Suarez. ‘We need that one exciting marquee signing who can play in one of the attacking positions [working with Suarez],’ Gerrard told the Daily Telegraph. ‘That’s why we are talking along the lines of keeping Luis because if the club lose Luis we take a step backwards. He’s the best footballer I’ve ever played with.

‘Internationally, [Wayne] Rooney, [Paul] Scholes, [Frank] Lampard are all top players. John Terry and Rio Ferdinand at the back, [are] all world-class footballers. Suarez is on a different planet to most.’

‘Where sit actually right now, it all depends on what decision Luis Suarez makes in the next few weeks,’ he added in an interview with The Independent.

‘How difficult it becomes for Liverpool. If we lose him then the challenge becomes even more difficult. It’s that simple.’

Gerrard has spoke out what each Liverpool fan is feeling right now. But it will not deter Arsenal from pursuing the controversial striker, since it seems that the Gunners have banked on Suarez signing for them, that they have let go of deals that were done( like Higuain), and have put all their might into signing him. However, Suarez might pay heed to the words of one of the ‘most gentlemanly footballers’ ever, and one of the biggest Kop legends, and reject the advances of the North London club.

Meanwhile, Arséne Wenger has said in his Google Hangout that he is trying his s=best to strengthen his squad, but believes that his current crop of players are capable of challenging for titles next season because ‘Arsenal have a base of young players, who will be better next year’.


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