Liverpool 1 – 2 Arsenal, a Great Weekend

So Spurs lost today. It was great seeing them lose. There are questions being raised about Redknapp’s tactical nous but the fact is the quality of their squad cannot match that of Arsenal and United. They’ve done well so far and it’ll be interesting to see how they cope with a few injuries and a loss of confidence a few losses can bring. I am really hoping this is a collapse. How awesome would it be if they, after having delusions of winning the title for much of the season, now finish out of the top 4? It would be very awesome.

Chelsea sacked AVB. I think he’s a very talented coach, he just didn’t belong at Chelsea. I’m sure he’ll be back. Chelsea, meanwhile, will continue this cycle of signing new managers and sacking them when JT and Lamps don’t have everything their way. There is no vision, no strategy, no intelligence involved in running the club. They will continue to be a classless club without a history if they continue like this.

And those two teams losing and us beating Liverpool means we’ve strengthened our grip on 4th, and we have 3rd place in our sights. The gap between us and Spurs is now down to 4 points. I think our run in might be slightly more difficult, but if we continue playing like we are, and Spurs continue their brilliant form, we can certainly capture 3rd place.

For the match at Anfield, it was a match we probably should have lost. If we play like that there again we probably would lose. The first half was very poor from us. It was a typical post-interlull performance. Liverpool should have scored three or four and put the game to bed, but they were wasteful.

The reason Liverpool have been so bad in attack is because of their over-reliance on crosses. Their primary route of attack is to go down the wings and put crosses in. Crosses, by their nature, are very inefficient. Teams need several crosses during a game to even manage a shot on goal.

Compare that to our approach (on a better day). We don’t usually cross the ball from the touchline. We try to work the ball into the box with quick passing, and then for a cut-back, or a drilled cross, or a shot. Liverpool would have been better off adopting that approach too, because Suarez looks at his best when he’s linking up with the midfielders with quick, short passes.

Another reason Liverpool are so bad is that they are shit in front of goal. They can’t finish. As good as Suarez is with his buzzing movement and twinkly feet he doesn’t actually have  much of an end product, does he?

And that was the difference between the sides. RvP had 2 touches in the box, and ended with 2 goals.

The other great thing about the match was seeing Diaby back. He really is a brilliant midfielder ruined by injuries. He is up there with Wilshere in terms of talent. I just hope he can put his injuries behind him and become a part of the team again.

On Saturday he lasted 23 minutes, but completed all of his passes and was overall excellent. And he was partly responsible for Arsenal’s huge second half improvement.


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