LEAKED- Arsene Wenger’s SHOCK Replacement Identified – Not Howe

Arsenal’s best manager yet, Arsene Wenger has been at the helms for Arsenal for over 20years now but he is in the final year of his contract and may not sign  an extension with the club.

There’s been a sought of apprehension from the fans as to who will succeed Arsene Wenger. The legacy and ideology built by Wenger must be the sustained and whoever takes over the baton from him, definitely has a herculean tax of filling a very big shoe.

There are reports that Eddie Howe has been baptized as Wenger’s successor but majority of the fans will be appealed by the presence of Diego Simeone or a Tomas Tuchel or probably Thierry Henry as an heir apparent.

However, an article by the Independent has given us all we desire. Someone else has finally seen the best possible option that is barely even being talked about – Patrick Vieira.

Look what he’s done in the Big Apple. He took a backwards team mixed with superstars and oung talent, sent away some favorites, built up others and here they are, the best team in the Eastern Conference of MLS. Filtering through Pirlo, David Villa and Lampard and building a team around them with no prior high-level managing experience is no easy feat.

Arsenal’l need continuity. Someone that has being in Arsenal’s system. Vieira formed a core team member of Arsene Wenger’s best squad ever and so has the ingredient and experience to retain everything he has learnt from Wenger.

Having someone that lived the system and made it work flawlessly is just an added perk. Thierry Henry could have been an option, but his credentials are sketchy. Vieira has proven his managing skills. NYCFC has seen guys like Khiry Shelton and Jack Harrison go in and out of the regulars seamlessly and remain an integral piece of the club.


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