Jose Mourinho sends message to Unai Emery

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The Man United manager Jose Mourinho is entering his third season at Old Trafford in the knowledge that he has never made it to a fourth season before at any club, and never failed to win a League title before either. So this is a crucial year for the Moaning One, and he has started it in typical fashion by complaining about how life is so unfair to him!

Despite every single top team having to deal with players coming back late from big competitions, obviously it is Mourinho who is going to suffer the most. Isn’t life so unfair! Mourinho said: “If you look to the players that Chelsea and Liverpool have in the pre-season, especially these two teams, also Arsenal, if you compare, you see the difference of the situation.

“Manchester City and Tottenham are in a similar situation as we are.

“But you can see that some other clubs are in a difficult situation.

“Our first match of the season is against Leicester and the second one is against Brighton.

“If I look to Leicester, if I’m not wrong, only Harry Maguire and Jamie Vardy were in the World Cup in the final phase, because Kasper Schmeichel was back sooner.”

“So I think a team working for six weeks minimum, with all the players except one defender and one striker that can join in the last weekend and probably be available, it’s clear it’s a much better situation for them.

“When I look to Brighton, I don’t think they have any player that isn’t doing a very good pre-season with lots of training and matches.

“So against Leicester and Brighton, the situation is not amazing for us and I would say the third match – against Tottenham – playing against a team in a similar situation as us, after three weeks, is okay.”

There is nothing like getting your excuses in early, but Jose, you are talking about Leicester and Brighton! If United can’t beat those teams with a weakened line-up then they have no chance of winning the League anyway. He should be thankful his first two games aren’t against teams like Man City and Chelsea, then he may have a good reason to moan!


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