Javier Hernandez Takes A Swipe At Van Persie

The saying “when it rains, it pours” seems to perfectly describe the predicament former Arsenal captain Robin Van Persie has found himself with Manchester United. When the Dutchman left Arsenal in 2012, he was reportedly leaving in search of GUARANTEE trophies year in year how, however, things don’t look as assured as it was a little over 1 year ago any more with United not competing for the title and very likely to miss out on the champions league party.

Talking to the press after his team lost 2-0 to Greek side Olympiacos in the champions league yesterday, Van Persie was quoted as saying :

‘It was quite difficult because my team-mates are often in the area where I want to play.

‘That’s why I have to change my tactics. Unfortunately, they are often in my area.

This statement has angered one of his team mates Javier Hernandez who now appears to have taken a swipe back at Robin Van Persie for his out burst.

According to Metro, Hernandez got back to Van Persie by posting a warning on the Dutchman’s Instagram account this morning.

Metro reports that under a picture of Hernandez celebrating a goal with French man Patrice Evra, the Mexican wrote ‘Without your teammates you can’t be somebody in football, always be thankful…’

It appears the Mexican wasn’t happy with Van Persie’s statement and rightly so. The mess Van Persie has found himself in at United goes to prove what Wenger always said about the grass not been greener on the other side. He jettisoned the chance of becoming an Arsenal legend to win a trophy with United not knowing situations would change. Who could have thought United will struggle to qualify for the champions league?

His predicament and that of Alex Song who left the same season as Van Persie will go a long way to show others who may be considering abandoning the ship like the duo a big lesson.

If he had remained with Arsenal, we might have not won the league last season ( and we may well have ) but definitely would have had a better chance of winning it this season and he would have had a chance of been regarded as an Arsenal legend.


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  1. A what a shame!!!….When the ship is sinking somebody will surely jump even without thinking the hole can be mended. Left us when the cake was not big enough for the stomach now deliberately wants to go by trying to incur wrath of the fans. What a flash of the pan. Go and find another club RVP. You left us in such a hurry and now you wants to come back and make us like you again?….Fat hopes. Go cry me a river.
    With you loyalty and attitude even you are the best is not welcome in a team that has a motto “Victoria Concordia Cresit”

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