Jack Wilshere Is A Superb Professional – Wenger Praise For England International


Jack Wilshere’s willingness to change positions for Arsenal in recent weeks without complaining has been praised by Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger. The 21 year old England international has found himself moved to the left side of Arsenal’s midfield in recent weeks after the gunners completed the purchase of Mesut Ozil from Real Madrid.

Talking to Arsenal Player, Wenger said :

“Jack is always ready to sacrifice himself for the team and that is absolutely fantastic,” Wenger told Arsenal Player ahead of Sunday’s clash with Stoke City.

“It [the left flank] is not his best position, we all know that. But he has a lot of freedom to move inside and he plays a little bit in the Cazorla role. He does that well.

“I think he will benefit from that transitional period there and physically he will become much stronger. He needs that.

“Overall, he is very disciplined as well. He can do the physical job on the flanks. It’s the hardest job today in the modern game and he does that very well. I’m very pleased with his performances.”

It remains to be seen what will happen once Podolski and Chamberblain who were playing from the left return back to the team.

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