Isco Is Available But Here Is Why Arsenal Should Not Sign Him


It is the summer and Arsenal are out to improve the squad. So many names have been linked with a move to the Emirates including that of Malaga’s Spanish star, Isco. Just as he was linked to Arsenal, so was he linked to Spanish giants, Real Madrid and Barcelona and Premier League moneybags, Manchester City.

Real Madrid and Barcelona were initial favourites owing to the fact that they are bigger clubs than City and are also in Spain which will suit his desire to stay in the La Liga but Real seem to have backtracked out of the race after Perez’s recent declaration. Hear the Madrid supremo,

“Isco’s father was in the club’s offices recently, accompanying a representative of Malaga. I had to do some business related to La Liga. We have not spoken to him or Malaga.”

With that revelation, it seems Real are out of the running and that leaves Barca, Manchester City and Arsenal. Barca might not be so keen on him after the big money capture of Neymar leaving only Premier league rivals City and Arsenal.

Arsenal are interested in getting a winger cum midfielder and have already sounded out a move for Lyon’s Grenier but most fans will prefer Isco owing to the fact that he is a bigger name and has more experience. But Wenger might just opt for the Frenchman because he is cheaper. It is more reasonable to get Fabregas for 25 million Pounds rather than Isco. Cesc is already proven and tested in the EPL, Isco isn’t and might fail the test of strength which is the EPL.

Finally, the lure of Pellegrini might be too much for the young Spanish midfielder to ignore. His manager at Malaga is set to take over at City and he is keen to take him along. In a new league and country, a player would want the comforting shoulders of the manager that nurtured him into prominence.

The only way Arsenal can get Isco is if City don’t land Pellegrini and Isco is made available for 15million Pounds. Both options, I doubt.


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  1. Agreed. Dont get isco. He gets dispossessed to easily. Arsenal dont need error prone players

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