INCREDIBLE : Deluded Spurs Fans Rate Soldado’s Goal Better Than Wilshere’s

Deluded Spurs are getting even more deluded. They have been comparing Arsenal’s first goal vs Norwich scored by Wilshere to Soldado’s goal earlier this evening against Aston Villa.

Spurs Fans

Below are the 2 goals in dispute. Judge by yourself.

Soldado’s goal

Wilshere’s goal

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  1. I have seen plenty goals better than the Spuds goal. I have yet to see a better team goal than the Wishere one. The Arsenal goal was mesmerising and a joy to watch over and over again. The Spuds are deluded and envious. Leeds Fan!!!

  2. I think the Solado goal was clearly much better than Wilshire’s, with such class and skill it is very clear why spurs continually finish the season above Arsenal. 🙂

    Frankly I don’t see any comparison, if I was a spurs fan I’d feel pretty embarrassed by such a deluded minority.

  3. Looking at both replays,little doubt your assertion that these Spuds are deluded.Indeed,some element of psychosis need to be excluded in anyone who feels both goals are of comparable quality talk less of equal quality.We might never see the sheer brilliance of Wilshere’s type of goal in the premiership in our generation / life time again.

  4. It’s ok…they need all the encouragements,echelons, supports to succeed at 5th placing…
    after all the 100M investments for this season wiil be answerable by AVB…:)

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