Iker Casillas On Loan To Arsenal?

iker-casillasAfter another up and down performance by Wojciech Szczesny against Fernerbahce, it’s becoming more and more apparent that Arsenal require a top class keeper if they want to win silverware this season. With a real lack of top class keepers at the right age available and a need not to restrict Wojciech developing into a class keeper in his own right, maybe a high profile loan signing is the answer. Hopefully (another?) raid into Real Madrid might give Arsenal the answer.

Iker Casillas is 32 years old and has won everything there is to win in the game. He’s been a success in both la Liga and the Spanish national team and has won a glittering array of trophies. There’s no doubt he knows how to win and surely that has to be a strength to bring to the Arsenal squad? He already has some of his national team mates and countrymen at the club (Santi, Monreal and Arteta) and that would help him settle and acclimatize to the ‘Arsenal way’.

His communication and experience behind the Arsenal back four would be invaluable and should hopefully further develop players like Koscielny to the next level. With paying no transfer fee, even Arsene couldn’t argue that the deal would cost too much-how often do you pick up World cup winners on a free ( okay, almost free if you consider the loan fee that Madrid will demand )? That would only leave his obvious high wages to pay but I’m sure the existing Arsenal player’s wouldn’t resent a player of Casillas pedigree earning top dollar.

Obviously people will call into question the physical aspect of the premiership and use the argument of ‘Real Madrid don’t play Stoke every week’ as justification but I’m afraid if you play Champions League and strong national sides, then the physical approach won’t be a problem. If De Gea at Man United can acclimatize, then why couldn’t the person who’s keeping him out of the national side do the same? Class has a way of shining through-and think of the young Arsenal keepers and supporters who will finally have one of the world’s best keepers to look upto and learn from. Surely that benefits everyone inside and outside of the club with very little risk?

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  1. But wait oh! what do you mean by ups and downs performance from Szczesny against Fernabach? Did he concede any goal in the two legged encounter? or didn’t make some spectacular saves during the two matches? Look man, Arsene Wenger has already said you (writers) and media have brainwashed arsenal fans and am beginning to believe him. If truth be told Szczesny can bench Casillas judging by last season’s performances from Iker. If you don’t have anything to write why don’t you look for another thing to do?

  2. English media are full of craps! Who wrote this rubbish ? What really are u smoking there? Are you asking questions or stating facts?

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