Ian Wright reveals why Ramsey should not be given new contract

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Arsenal legend Ian Wright has said that his former side were right to make a stand over Aaron Ramsey and withdraw their contract offer, as reported by the Guardian.

Talking on BBC Radio 5, Wright said it was a “huge statement” by Arsenal but that he supported what the club was doing.

“What I do like about him and what I will always give him credit for is that he never hides.

“Never ever hides. No matter how much stick he’s getting he never hides. But I have to stick with Arsenal in what they’re doing. They have to make this kind of stance because of the number of players they’ve lost in this fashion.

“And they’ve got to do something about it and I think this is their way of doing something about it.

“I believe that Arsenal want him to stay but they have to make this stance.

Asked if he would have Ramsey in the starting line-up, he said that he probably would, but he re-iterated agin that Arsenal have had to do what they’ve done to send a clear signal out to the other players.

“And that’s why the withdrawal of the contract is a huge statement from them.”


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