I Won’t Give Up On Suarez Regardless Of What Liverpool Say – Wenger

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The saga on everyone’s lips is that of Suarez and Rooney. For both, Arsenal are remotely interested and closely connected. For Rooney, Arsenal maintain a standing interest in the English forward while they have had two bids rejected for the ‘ambitious’ Uruguayan. Owing to the two bids made by Arsenal and feelers close to the Emirates chief reveal that he is ready to make yet another offer but despite his overt pursuit of Suarez, the Liverpool hierarchy remain obstinate in their stand that he won’t be sold whether to Arsenal (a domestic rival) or a heavyweight on the continent.

To all of these, Wenger gave a short shrift, ‘I’ve nothing to add to what I said already about the transfer of Suarez. If it will be done, it will be done in a respectful way with Liverpool. ‘To make a transfer happen you need the agreement of three parties – the buyer, the seller and the player. We know what we want to do. ‘Liverpool at the moment do not agree. Whether they change their mind or not we don’t know. We’ll respect that. ‘Suarez is one of the targets. If he’s not for sale, he’s not for sale we have to accept that.’

From Wenger’s statement, it’s clear he is still keen on the former Ajax hit-an and ready to wait even till deadline day to land him. How realistic is Liverpool stand? Rodgers has barred him from training with the first team as he now trains alone and John Henry declaring Suarez’s first team fate depends on Rodgers. I doubt Suarez is ready to eat the humble pie and plead with Rodgers just to get back into the team that won’t be having continental football. Liverpool will be the biggest loosers if they keep him on the bench.

He will be earning fat salary, winding down his contract and they might just be finding goals hard to come by. Suarez could bring a swift end to the transfer melee by slapping in a transfer request. Though he is presently reluctant to do so but after the public declaration of his desire to leave and the degrading punishment of been asked to train alone, an official notice to quit is just a matter of time.

The Anfield bridge has already been burnt by Suarez and there’s no going back. Where does Arsenal stand in all of these? Sincerely, it’s a risky venture. With just 3 weeks to the end of the window, we are running short of top notch striking options in the market. Chelsea are keen on Rooney and they seem his preferred choice. It might just make sense if Wenger also joins the push for Rooney. Who knows Manchester United might see us as the lesser evil and sell him to us. The bottom line is that Arsenal need a striker and we don’t have the luxury of time to get him. Let Wenger make Liverpool an offer they can’t reject and let Suarez do what he needs to do to secure his dream move, then, everyone will be happy.

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  1. I don’t know what it is about the LFC hierarchy, but they act like children. Does Rogers seriously think that treating Suarez like a child and announcing it all to the media, is going to make him want to come back? Kenny Daglish acted like a child in front the media as well. That wasn’t defending Suarez that lost his job, he was behaving irrationally. He should try and sell him for as much as he can, and replace him, rather than acting like a child, and devaluing him, both in a monetary sense and to the media and public. To me, Henry and Rogers are embarrassing themselves, embarrassing LFC and need to man up and prove they are bigger than Suarez, as they keep saying, by replacing him with better players.

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