I Regret Joining Barcelona – Cesc Fabregas

fabregas_2618318bFabregas stopped short of revealing his regret at quitting North London for Catalonia. He has expressed his sadness at leaving Arsenal but satisfaction at returning to Barcelona.

“sometimes you want to think about what you want to do, what you want to improve. And like I decided to leave when 16, when 24 I decided to go back to my home, and for an even tougher challenge, because I had much more to show than as a teenager.”

(Banc Sabadell,)

From his statements, the reasons for Fabregas’ exit became obvious. He felt unchallenged at Arsenal (what you want to improve) and the fact that he only used Arsenal as a springboard to success when he knew he couldn’t get the chance his talents deserved at Barca. He got the chance at Arsenal and after building his competence, he remembered where his home was (I decided to go back home).

While I am not vilifying him for quiting Arsenal when he did, His thoughts bring to the fore the issue of Barca players leaving Catalonia just to gain experience and then return back there. Pique did the same at Manchester United. It also all but end any speculation of Fabregas returning to the Premier League. He was a subject of intense summer pursuit from Manchester United but he stayed put.

Fabregas was a loyal servant at Arsenal and I would loathe to see him as a Red Devil. If he can’t return to the Emirates then it is better he stays put at Barca.

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