I Don’t Fear Been Sacked Wenger Tells Arsenal Fans

Arsene Wenger

Arsene Wenger does not fear for his job despite the embarrassing 3-1 defeat to Aston Villa on the opening day of the Premier League.

The Emirates crowd turned on their manager following a disappointing result with Aston Villa. The summer has been a frustrating one for Arsenal and all the emotions boiled over after watching their team lose out to Villa.

The Gunners have been linked with several stars in the last few months but have only managed to sign Yaya Sanogo, a 20-year French striker for Auxerre on a free transfer. Wenger has lost out on his main targets as Manchester City and Napoli stole in on Stevan Jovetic and Gonzalo Higuain. Arsenal’s attempts to lure Luis Suarez away from Anfield look in vain as Liverpool refuse to sell to their rivals.

Ivan Gazidis announced the club would have plenty of money to spend this summer leading to an optimistic feeling for the summer but that has been changed to frustration and anger and the defeat to Aston Villa only made it worse. Despite that Wenger revealed he has not even thought about losing his job.

“In 16 years, I’ve shown my loyalty to this club. My worry is to do well. That’s the only worry.”

“As long as I’m here. I want to do well. I’m absolutely hugely disappointed because we’ve come out of a 10-game run in the last season without any defeat and we start the new season with a defeat at home.”

“It’s a massive blow and that’s why the solutions is not to sit here and say: ‘Yes we’ll buy and keep you happy.’”

“What is important for us is to win football games with the player who are on the pitch and continue with what we did last year at the end of the season. When you have the ambition that we have, it’s difficult to accept that you lose the first game at home.”

Wenger is clearly hurt by the loss to Villa, just like the Gunners support but the only difference is in the position to make a difference and so far he has failed to do so.

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  1. I believe as long as he make profit for the club they do not sack him, this board and manager is not Care about what fans want or demand they only think about they pocket in any other club they would kick his ass out of the club bout in AFC is normal that’s why we will never win something how can be possible every player that other clubs is buying has no quality and only us understand quality why we sold or have relesed so many deadwood this year Then we talk about quality. Sack Wenger and sack him now believe mé this is not end of the world for this club we need change.

  2. Yesterday’s result has shown that Wenger has lost the plot. I persisted with Wenger out of respect and nostalgic belief in exploits now, sadly, too far gone to be relevant to his current managerial choices. But enough is enough. The team he’s assembled is mediocrity personified and that is not what Arsenal Football club was, is, or ever should be.

    Wenger must go!

    And the mediocrity that he hopelessly persists with must go as well. Start with Aaron Ramsey. Then sell Mertesacker, Podolski, and Sagan…for a start. The wholesale dismantling of the team must take place as well as the managerial change. The team Wenger has assembled was designed solely to win 4th place. And it won’t be strong enough even to do that this year without a thorough overhaul.

    I’m sick of this great club settling for 2nd tier talent. I’m sick of 2nd tier players running around desperately chasing 4th place. We need to regain our dignity as a club and revitalize this team with 1st tier talent. Wenger is not the man for that job. Nuf Sed!

  3. Sack him know before is too late. This guy has made great players miserable at Arsenal, example Anelka, Asharvin,Gervihno,Charmahk and know his trying to kill Lukus Pedoski. What do you say about all this? Of course some thing is very wrong about Arsne Wenger

  4. really disgraceful for a manager of his calibre to loose such a match and go on to say he’s not scared of loosing his job.it just goes to show how much issues the Arsenal family has to deal with apart from having fringe players and a terrible board,we’ve also got a manager who’s ran out of ideas in getting this club to where it ought to be.fans should probably sit back at home on matchdays,only then would this woeful board realize how important we as fans are and when they don’t make any money from tickets sales considering we pay the highest probably then our true values would be realised.simply would be best for everyone if Arsene Wenger resigns.

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