How Arsenal Can Sign Suarez And Safe Their Season

Arsenal now find themselves in a very difficult position in the transfer window. Having failed in their attempt to sign Real Madrid’s Gonzalo Higuain and several other reported targets, it seems Luiz Suarez pursuit will make or mar the gunners’ transfer window and to a very large extent their campaign in the premier league next season.

Arsenal have had 2 bids rejected for the Uruguayan and are according to reports preparing to go back with another bid. However, I am of the opinion that for Arsenal to have a chance of signing the striker at all, they have got to force Liverpool into a corner. With just 16 days to the end of the transfer window, Arsenal who have done absolutely no business other than selling and releasing players so far in the window can not afford to be stubborn.

Arsenal are known for their penny pitching and it does seem the stupidity ( what else do you call the lack of activities after the sale of Nasri and Cesc or the under-performance in the market after selling their best striker to Manchester United ) has finally come to bite the gunners. Players no longer see Arsenal serious and those who see Arsenal as still viable, have clubs who are smart enough to want to sneeze every bit of penny out of Arsenal which is something no Arsenal fan should complain about considering how much Arsenal sell their players for.

If the reports are true and we are actually ready to put in a third bid then the said bid must be one that will force Liverpool’s hand to sell the striker. No penny pitching. Simply ask Liverpool what they want for Suarez and bid said amount or walk off straight off to other targets instead of bidding 49 million when Liverpool actually want 50 million.

Liverpool see us as a direct rival ( how they came about that thought I do not know ) and if they must sell to us, we must pay the real value of their player and if we are not ready to pay, we must act fast and move to other targets. Wenger has just 16 days to save himself another season of bottle kicking.

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