High Rated South American Journalist Reports Suarez Is Closing To Signing For Arsenal

Luiz Suarez

Arsenal fans who have been worried about their team’s lack of activities in the transfer window may finally have something to cheer about as news coming from South America have it that the Gunners are close to the signing of top related South American Luiz Suarez.

Highly related South America Journalist Martin Charquero who is very close to the Suarez camp mentioned yesterday that Suarez is close to signing for Arsenal. Many may not know Martin Charquero but he is according to Rory Smith of the times very reliable.

Martin Charquero mentioned yesterday on twitter that the South American is close to joining Arsenal and to buttress his point, Rory Smith came out vouching for the South American.

It should be noted that it was Martin Charquero who broke the news of Liverpool signing Coates from Nacional when everyone thought he was to be signing for Atletico Madrid. He also broke the Cavani to PSG news. Martin Charquero is also according to many South American, the only radio Journalist Suarez always grant interviews to. He is also the journalist who Suarez has talked to in regards to joining Arsenal.

With all these, it is obvious Martin Charquero knows his stuff and Suarez may well be on his way with Arsenal like he has reported.

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