Gustavo Set To Snub Arsenal And Join Wolfsburg Instead


German daily Die Welt are reporting that Arsenal target Luiz Gustavo has to join Wolfsburg. Wolfsburg were the first team to show interest in Gustavo and although Bayern Munich’s CEO Karl- Heinz Rummenigge told men media that Gustavo was waiting for offers from clubs in the champions league, this has not stopped daily Die Welt from reported he Gustavo has agreed to join Wolfsburg.

Personally I do not think Die Welt can be trusted in this case. Thing is, too many reliable Journalists have reported that Suarez has chose to move to a club in the champions league with the Premier league in general and Arsenal in particular is number one choice.

If the reports are true and Gustavo has turned down Arsenal, he will be about the 10th Arsenal target moving to other clubs instead of Arsenal.

Gustavo is according to his agent set to make a statement in regards to where he will be playing his football next season by tomorrow afternoon.


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