Goldenkudo Lucky Draw

In order to celebrate the completion of the first year of service to the customers and viewers, has arranged a massive lucky draw scheme. is an online casino website and would be handing over lucky draw prizes that are worth a total of $50,000. The lucky draw will be given only to those who visit the website in order to take part in the lucky draw.

How to Enter

All those who want to enter the lucky draw can easily do so just by visiting the website: You simplyhave to sign up for the newsletter. Apart from this, you willalso be required to give your name and email address during the sign up procedure. With nothing more than these few simple steps, you will be given a chance to be picked out for the wonderful lucky draw.

Prizes Offered

The website is the perfect Japanese guide that offers a vast range of knowledge related to gambling and the games played in casinos. Since the website is all in Japanese, people can easily understand it. Hence, entering into the lucky draw would be a breeze. Moreover, the website also offers an integrated gaming section for the readers and viewers to enjoy. is offering several prizes in the lucky draw. Among them are two return tickets to Las Vegas, USA. Now, who would want to miss a free visit to this beautiful city, which is considered the queen city in gambling due to its top-class casinos? Another gift is a beautiful poker set along with the poker table for home use; now you’ll be able to play with your friends and family anywhere. Next, you get to see the oh-so-famous Apple iPhone 6. is giving away five of them. Another Apple product up for grabs is the iPad 2. The website is giving away five of them. Lastly, there are five Harrods Luxury Hampers included in the lucky draw, which you can have a chance of winning.

Apart from these prizes, other ones would also be offered in the lucky draw for the participants. Therefore, if you are interested in grabbing one of these prizes, be sure to sign up for the newsletter before October 31st. The announcement of the winners will be done by the end of December. Also, don’t forget to follow our tweets on Twitter by following the hashtag #goldenkudo. So hurry up and sign up for the lucky draw, before the time runs out!


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