Go And Buy Ashley Young – Celebrity Gooner Advises Wenger

Piers Morgan orders public cleared from his camera shots in front of Buckingham Palace. London UK 28/04/2011

Celebrity Gooner, Piers Morgan, has continued to vent his frustration at Arsenal’s activity, or rather the lack of it, this summer. Piers who is famous for his critical Arsenal tweets, has urged Arsenal to spend their £70 million warchest on purchasing players, and has even suggested a player that Arséne Wenger can look at. Piers Morgan has called for Arsenal to sign Manchester United winger Ashley Young, after his son, Stanley Morgan, tweeted that Young was in Amore, which prompted him to suggest his name as another transfer prospect.

Arsenal fans have been frustrated by the lack of transfer activity this summer, but Piers Morgan is famous for criticising the club that he claims to support. He left winger, could represent a good deal for the Gunners, since they could get an experienced campaigner in, who can replace Gervinho in the squad. However Ashley Young didn’t have a great last season, scoring precisely zero times. But, Young might be open to joining Arsenal, since he, along with his best friend Lewis Hamilton, were staunch boyhood supporters, and he was close to joining the Gunners when he was young.

Meanwhile Arsenal manager Arséne Wenger has said that Arsenal are trying hard in the transfer market to buy players. “There are two ways for us to strengthen our team,” he said ahead of the Emirates Cup this weekend.

“The first is internal and [remember] we finished with 73 points last year after a very strong run. But I feel, because we are a very young core of players, there is room for improvement.

“So the second part is to of course strengthen our squad from outside.

“We have signed Sanogo. He has not made the headlines. Why? Because he is not £50m to £100million but I am quite confident he will make them soon on the pitch, and that for me is the most important.

“There is one month to go. We are at the beginning of August, the transfer window finishes at the start of September. We are working very hard to strengthen our squad.”

“I don’t want to speak about Suarez because that is between Liverpool and Arsenal. We will completely respect what Liverpool wants to do. We want to do that if it is feasible in an amicable way.

“I am a great believer you have to keep as much confidentiality as possible. That is quite difficult in the modern world.”

“But we work very hard, not only on that case, on other different cases.”

“If you look at many teams around us, nothing has happened until now. At the moment the market hasn’t moved a lot. Apart from Man City, nobody has done anything.”

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  1. Piers Morgan is the dumbest Celebrity Arsenal Fan ever!!!!
    Its easy to criticize Arsenal.To stand by our Team in hard times is the best thing a fan can do.He might point out 8 years of trophy drought blah blah.It’s important, but we have to deal with it rather than criticizing cheaply or suggesting crazy ideas like we are playing Football Manager.

    1. I don’t blame Piers to be honest … Arsenal and wenger has no excuse .. It has been 8 tears and counting and there is no end of the draught in sight.. It is obvious now that any top player will choose even lower team but which is very ambitious than choose Arsenal.. The name Arsenal does not attract any top player again unless Arsenal are willing to splash the money.. The arsenal board do care about the fans. All they care about is their pocket

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