Former Arsenal Chief Hints At A Return To Arsenal Of World Class Midfielder

He will move over there
He will move over there

Arsenal’s alleged interest in former captain Cesc Fabregas could materalise in to a transfer according to David Dein, a former vice-chairman at the club.

The Barcelona midfielder has endured a difficult season, becoming frustrated with game-time and his use as a player. He had a meeting with manager Tito Vilanova to discuss his future and earlier this week declared he would be staying at Barcelona, however that may not be the case come the end of the summer.

The player still has close ties with his former club and values his relationship with Arsene Wenger, referring to him as a father. Any concerns at Barcelona and a move back to Arsenal would be the only interest in the player.

Dein also remains close with Wenger and the pair regularly meet up to discuss various footballing topics. When Dein was part of the club, they met to talk about transfer targets, contracts and the such and there is no doubt the pair continue to talk about these. Dein quit the club after a boardroom dispute but there have been talks about him rejoining the club, a move that would only improve the club.

Fabregas’ agent is Dein’s son Darren and David was coy when questioned over the possible transfer. “You can never say never in football, I know Arsene Wenger will try to improve the squad if he can.’

Dein Sr. has had a big involvement in bringing some of Arsenal’s greatest players to the club and with his son in control of Fabregas’ future moves, he could well be the catalyst for their next big move. Despite what the players and clubs say on the situation, Dein is at the heart of what is really going on and will know more than most with his son so involved.

Dein’s comments didn’t confirm anything but suggest that a move could be slightly possible and that talks have more than likely taken place which show the player is willing to move back to London and the club are willing to let him leave. A transfer fee has not be spoken about but Barcelona owe Arsenal around £5 million as they haven’t paid the full fee for Fabregas yet so any deal could work out cheaper for the Gunners although they are also interested in David Villa too.

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  1. Arsenal need rooney in d front, fabrigas nd carsola to assist rooney, fellaini ind midfild, nd Alaba frm bayern, Williams from swansea nd secar frm QPR, den title winin is assured

  2. U guyz are just interested in new players… Wat of the reserves… There’s got to be balance btw the first team and the young players… That’s what is holding wenger.. That’s what seperates us from man city, chelsea nd the rest… YOUTH SYSTEM.. You can’t eat your cake nd still have it… You can’t have big players nd still expect the young players enter the 1st team..

  3. wenger bring fabregas,felaini,rooney,williams and higuan to end trophy drought

  4. Plz Wenger bring back El captain Fabregas,,and complete d signin of Fellaini and get Rooney 4 us!!! Fget Williams nd keep vermaelen

  5. No one can predict wenger even if the transfer fund is available. Lets still pray that he makes better decision on who joins or leavs the club this summer above all he still a good coach

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