Forget Trophies, This Is What I Want As Manager – Arsene Wenger

Arsene Wenger is known for not just nurturing players to becoming stars but his patience with them is one that is unquantifiable.

Over the past two decades that Wenger has being at the helms for Arsenal, he has developed super stars like Thierry Henry, Nicolas Anelka, Freddie Ljunberg, Patrick Vieira and Robert Pires  among others – Wenger is in the claim that this outweighs all the trophies he’s won for Arsenal.

One player has won the heart of Wenger and it is Laurent Koscielny. Wenger has lavished praise on the France international during celebrations of his 20th year annivasary.

Koscielny joined Arsenal from Lorient in 2010 as an unknown player. However, he has developed into a rock solid centre back for us.

Wenger said of the player.

“I’d like to think finding players like Laurent will be my legacy. That has given me so much joy and driven me on.

“I feel so proud that I might have helped their careers.

“To me, it is what a manager is about, that and trying tomorrow to be better than I was yesterday.”

Koscielny and Mustafi are gradually becoming a force to be reckoned with in the Premier League. They have played five games together, conceding just three goals.


Koscielny started at Guingamp, a French side who also developed Didier Drogba and Florent Malouda.

But while they both went on to bigger things, Koscielny dropped down to the third tier of French football before Wenger spotted something that the others did not.

He said: “Koscielny is one of the players whose development I am most proud of.

“It is one of the most gratifying aspects of my job to take a player who nobody knows.

“One of the aspects of our job is to give chances to people who deserve it. It’s great – I can influence people’s lives positively.

“Koscielny comes from a small city in the middle of France and I think for a long time he did not believe in his potential.

“Maybe his history influenced the vision he had of his own potential. He was at Guingamp, didn’t make it and went to Tours, who were a division below.

“It takes a while to really believe your true potential. Now I believe he is as good as anyone around in his position.

“He works so well with Mustafi, a player who has so much potential but who you have to be careful with because he is so young.”



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