Five Reasons Why Pep Guardiola Will Replace Wenger In 2017

Just as news broke that former Barcelona manager Pep Guardiola, who is now managing Bayern Munich has refused to sign an extension to his contract with the German side, the Spaniard has been the subject of rumours. Various reports have linked him with a move to Manchester United, Chelsea, Manchester City and Arsenal.

The rumours are not surprising are they? I mean, Guardio is a top class manager and it is just normal that clubs will be interested in signing him especially if he is going to be available for free by not signing an extension to his current contract which reportedly expires in 2017.

With Jose Mourinho struggling so far this season with Chelsea, Pellergrin not doing particularly well with Manchester City when you put into consideration how much he has spent to build his current team and with Wenger not looking like he will continue with Arsenal at the end of this current contract ( which coincidentally expires in 2017 too ), and Louis Van Gaal still not convincing with Manchester United, each of the top four clubs in the premier league could do with Guardiola.

But in my opinion, I think Arsenal have the best chance of getting the two times Champions league winner. I have a small bet on this via Bet Bind. Below are the five reasons why we think Guardiola will end up at Arsenal rather than at Manchester City or Manchester United or Chelsea;

1.Guardiola’s style of play, belief and Philosophy is identical to Arsenal’s

It is generally accepted the world over that Arsenal, Barca and Bayern Munich play the best eye-catching football. Guardiola’s penchant for free flowing, high pressing attacking football will perfectly suit Arsenal. Arsenal even before Wenger have always been doing for their beautiful style of play and having seen what Guardiola did with Barcelona and now with Bayern Munich, Guardiola making a switch to Arsenal will be a perfect marriage for both. Both sides will know this fact.

2. Wenger recently confirmed he almost signed Guardiola towards the end of his career “He wanted to play with me as a coach. He wanted to play for Arsenal. I met him, he was 30-31 back then. I can’t really remember, after that he went to Italy and I had players like (Patrick) Vieira and (Emmanuel) Petit who were still young and played for the national team as well.”

From the above quote one can deduce the fact that Guardiola fancies Arsenal which could be a big factor. Also, the fact that he did his coaching badge under Wenger at Arsenal could be a string puller. He obviously likes Arsenal and should they come for him, I doubt he will refuse.

3. Wenger’s influence

It is a known secret that Wenger will be allowed by Arsenal’s broad of directors to pick whoever he wants to replace him at Arsenal and should he favour Guardiola, I do not think Guardiola will turn him down.

4. Guardiola’s prudence in the transfer market

Arsenal is known for their prudence in the transfer market which means the Gunners could prefer Guardiola due to the fact that the Spaniard also doesn’t spend money for the seek of it in the transfer window. Knowing Arsenal, they will not want a lavish spender but someone who is like Wenger, who else if not Guardiola.

5. Wenger’s contract expires the same time as Guardiola

Wenger’s contract is reportedly expiring in 2017, same time as Guardiola’s. Could Arsenal have known this before giving Wenger only three years contract? It probably will never know but it could well be the case.

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