FIFA Names Arsenal’s Theo Walcott “Fastest Player In The World”

On The Run
On The Run

Arsenal and England striker cum Winger Theo Walcott has been name the fastest player in the world according to FIFA. FIFA released a list of 10 players who are the fastest in the world and toppling the list is Arsenal’s own Theo Walcott who according to FIFA is able to run 35.7 km/h. Surprisingly, he is followed on the list by Manchester United’s Antonio Valencia who is rated second with 35.2 km/h.

The full list of the top 10 fastest players in the world as released by FIFA is listed before.

1) WALCOTT Theo (Arsenal, 35.7 Km/h)

2) VALENCIA Antonio (Manchester United, 35.2 Km/h)

3) BALE Gareth (Real Madrid, 34.7 Km/h)

4) LENNON Aaron (Tottenham, 33.8 Km/h)

5) RONALDO Cristiano (Real Madrid, 33.6 Km/h)

6) MESSI Lionel (Barcelona FC, 32.5 Km/h)

7) ROONEY Wayne (Manchester United, 32.1 Km/h)

8) RIBERY Franck (Bayern Munich, 30.7 Km/h)

8) ROBBEN Arjen (Bayern Munich, 30.7 Km/h)

10) SANCHEZ Alexis (Barcelona FC, 30.1 Km/h)


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