Fellaini Odds On To Join Arsenal But Do We Need Him?

Yes!!! I will soon be a gunner
Yes!!! I will soon be a gunner

In a massive coup for The Gunners and their Premier League campaign, Marouane Fellaini appears to be inching ever closer in donning the famous red and white of North London.

Bookmakers last night slashed the odds of a Fellaini move south, from 16/1 to an incredibly short 6/4. These figures indicate that Arsene Wenger has triggered Fellaini’s release clause of £22 million. ‘Bookies’ don’t minimise odds for no reason and are most of the time spot on with future deals.

When odds are dramatically shortened such as for Fellaini joining Arsenal, there’s often inside information that a deal is very close to becoming successful. Bookmakers don’t want to lose money so they shorten the odds of the deal most likely to occur, so punters get the minimal of returns.

In other such cases, such as Julio Cesar’s impending move to The Emirates, betting for that specific deal has been suspened. This usually means that a deal has been struck and the odds would be so low, as the deal (if believed) has already taken place, to lodge a bet would result in little to no return.

Regarding the Fellaini situation, it is confirmed that Arsene Wenger is an admirer of the Belgian international, as quotes from the Frenchman during the season suggesting that Fellaini is a definate target. Words such as “He is an intelligent player”, “Everton’s offensive game turns around him” and asked whether Fellaini could do a job at Arsenal, Wenger replied with his trademark smirk, “Yes.”.

The 194 centimetre enforcer is, in my opinion, the right player to fill the shoes of Patrick Viera. The deeper-lying midfielder who can boss opponents and dictate any game. Arsenal have come up with options such as Flamini, Diaby and more recently Arteta, all of whom are good players but unable to reach the pinnacle of emulating Arsenal’s former leader.

Gooners would know of the prescence of Fellaini from the April 16th match against Everton at The Emirates that resulted in nil-all draw. The Everton number 25 was the key reason why Arsenal were unable to score. This was achieved by his intimidation factor as well as his skill to dictate the pace and flow of a match and was able to halt the Arsenal attack dead in their tracks.

Versitility is also another asset the Etterbeek-born player has, with the ability of playing his favoured role as a defensive midfielder (something Wenger can most definitely offer him) as well as starring as an attacking midfielder and on occasion as a centre forward. Arsenal could well be spoiled for choice when it comes to Marouane Fellaini in terms of position.

However, with The Gunners desperately craving a Viera-like player in midfield, his role is to follow in the footsteps of the legendary number 4 and hopefully for Arsenal’s sake, is able to surpass the greatness of Viera and deliver the trophies we all so crave.


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  1. This is exactly what Arsenal have been waiting for since Patrick Viera left us.He is the perfect player to stop lus eaking through the middle and gain strong and powerful forward momentum. A couple more players like this and the glory days are just around the corner.

  2. Never believe any transfer rumour till it is sealed and signed!

    It was fellaini to Chelsea, later to United and now to Arsenal maybe next week Man City.

    Not interested at all.

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