Emery breaks the ‘Arsenal rules.’

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Morning all.

Last night was a huge disappointment for England and it’s fans. A place in the final could have been theirs, perhaps should have been theirs had they been able to convert the chances which presented themselves in the first half. The worst miss was possibly from Harry Kane who had a glorious opportunity to make it 2-0 but he got his header so badly wrong. Stones saw a cracking header saved by the Croatian goal keeper, more chances were spurned to, especially in the first half when England looked strong. The second half saw Croatia draw level after England’s defending looked a bit disorganised and in extra time, that same defence went to sleep at the wrong moment. 2-1 and England are out. Imo, the occasion got to them as a number of players, mostly from the other side of north London, failed to impress. Croatia were the first really tough test, too tough as it turned out. One last match to play for them although I’d imagine those who’ve yet to get much, if any playing time in Russia this summer, will play in that one.

I wonder why the World Cup has a third place playoff though, after all, what does it really mean? Apart from those commenting on the next big international tournament, will the match ever be referred to again? Probably not. No one really cares about who came third, winning is all that really counts. I get in in other competitions like F1, Olympics etc as either points or a bronze medal are awarded but you won’t see a third/fourth place playoff at Wimbledon this weekend, just the four finals. You don’t see it in European football competitions either. I think it’s just another ninety minutes of football in the heat which no player really needs. They should be allowed home, or to jet off on their holidays before returning to their club in order to prepare for the coming season.

Back to Arsenal and all things more positive which I think it is. Look at what’s been done by the recruitment team already and there’s still around three weeks of this transfer window left t



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