Don’t Go To Arsenal – Liverpool Legend Advises Suarez

Luiz Suarez

Michael Owen has spoken out on the Luis Suarez transfer saga. The Kop idol talked to BBC and said, “Arsenal are a fabulous club and have got a great heritage, but Liverpool are as big – if not bigger. I’d be very surprised if he were to move to Arsenal. Madrid or Barcelona would make more sense.”

The former Real Madrid striker believes that if Suarez is moving to Arsenal due to the chance of playing in the Champions League, then he should move to Real Madrid or Barcelona, since he would have the best chance of tasting European success at those clubs as compared to Arsenal.

“From Suarez’s point of view you can understand him if he wants to reach the absolute pinnacle of the game – that’s playing in the Champions League. Liverpool obviously are not in that at the moment,” continued Owen, who joined Real Madrid from Liverpool in 2004.

“Truthfully, can you really see Arsenal winning the Champions League next season or going into the later stages? Unless they buy a good few players then I can’t.”

Arsenal have been long since linked with the Uruguayan, and had a bid of £40,000,001 recently rejected. The Mirror has reported that Arsenal are going to bid £42.5 million for him again, hoping that this bid will be accepted by Liverpool, or it forced Suarez to file in an official transfer request, which would make it easy for the Gunners to snap him up. This sure seems to be another long drawn transfer saga for Arsenal, and Liverpool are certainly not giving up without a fight.

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  1. Who thinks you are a legend? Michael you are not a legend. If it was Steven Gerard giving such advises I would understand. You left Liverpool for Madrid and things did not turn out well for you. Liverpool won the champions league and again were the finalists in the following year. All these happened during your absence. You were always on the bench at Madrid and eventually sold to Newcastle. You moved to Man United who are the direct rivals of Liverpool and you also was a bench warmer if not always watching from the stands. You ended playing for Stoke. So better shut your mouth. Luiz knows what is good for him.

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