Could Wenger Be Eyeing Japanese Star At Confederations Cup


Out of contract players seem to send Arsene Wenger’s heart racing. He seems to pride himself on setting up a deal that will ensure the club is still in a financially strong position.

With Wenger seemingly acting as a chief scout while at the Confederations Cup in Brazil, a player who will most definitely catch his prying eye, is none other than Japanese attacking midfielder, Keisuke Honda.

With Honda’s contract set to expire with current club CSKA Moscow, the talented, proven international is on the look out for a new club. However, it would appear as though Honda has attracted a large amount of interest throughout Europe, with Lazio and AC Milan looking to reel in the classy midfielder.

Honda has been one of Japan’s strongest players in the Confederations Cup and although the ‘Blue Samurai’ have gone down in both their games, Honda has ensured the contest between Japan and their opponents have been extremely challenging.

Starting in the traditional number 10 role, the former Japanese player of the year, has the task of being the team’s main creator and has pushed proven, Manchester United player, Shinji Kagawa to the left flank. It’s no wonder Keisuke Honda has gained so much attention in the past year.

Arsene Wenger has been following the progress of Honda closely and while commentating on the 2010 World Cup, the Arsenal boss certainly had some flattering words to say about the playmaker: “When they get that genius Honda playing, he has shown what a top class player he is. For me, he’s the best performer at the competition so far.”

Certainly a fondness for Honda is apparant from Wenger and with the 2011 Asian Cup most valuable player up for grabs, a deal to get the CSKA player to The Emirates, would certainly be considered to be a no-brainer.

With Arsenal craving added depth in the creative midfield ranks, a player with the experience of Honda’s as well as his apparant magic touch and ‘free’ price tag, is something that will be extremely hard for The Gunners to turn their backs on.


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