Confirmed: Star midfielder on the verge of sealing Arsenal deal

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I think he is looking at what the likes of Mesut Ozil is getting, and what other’s in the Premier League are on, and feels that £150,000 is less than what he is worth

That was the response from someone during a discussion over what is happening with Aaron Ramsey’s contract. And it is very hard to disagree with it.

Aaron Ramsey is one of the best central midfielders in the Premier League – I find it very odd the way some fans still criticise him.

At 27-years old, he is coming into the peak of his career. There are not too many all round midfielders better than him.

He covers the ground in the middle of the park – usually number one for KM covered for Arsenal. He can pass (85% pass completion),he can defend and he can attack – he averaged 1 goal or assist every 3 games in the Premier League throughout his entire career.

If you take penalties out of it, is influence in terms of goals and assists per game is not too far off Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard – and they both also took free kicks and corners.

The two Englishmen are superior to Ramsey, but it is hard to name too many other Premier League central midfielders who, over the last decade, have been as consistent and influential as Aaron Ramsey.


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