Confirmed + Medicals done! + £1m agreed, Wenger seal 2nd winter signing

Arsenal will have it easy against Burnley this weekend and the boys will be hoping that Chelsea and the other top Premier League clubs drop points.

According to latest reports from Sky sports, Sam Allardyce has revealed that he has reached an agreement with Arsenal for a deal for Carl Jenkinson.

Speaking at a press conference, Allardyce said:

“I think that’s [down to] negotiations between the chairman and the player’s agent,” said Allardyce.

“While we appear to have an agreement with Arsenal, that agreement with the player hasn’t reached a conclusion, so that’s hanging in the balance, as we say.

From Sam’s comments it seems there are still some contract details that are yet to be sorted out with his agent, but it is likely to be sorted out pretty soon.

The right-back’s competitive debut came against Udinese in the final stage of the qualifying round of the Champions league qualifiers in August 2011 coming on as a substitute after being contracted from Charlton Athletic for £1 million.

He caught a tough break when he suffered a stress fracture at his lower back. This began the process of what became his Arsenal career. Soon after his return from injury which lasted for 3 months, he featured as a substitute against Norwich and Tottenham Hotspur.


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