Confirmed – Lewandowski May Join Arsenal In January After Turning Down Bayern Munich


If quotes attributed to Poland and Borussia Dortmund’s Robert Lewandowski are anything to go by, Arsenal may still have a chance to sign the high rated striker. Earlier this week, Lewandowski had reportedly told journalist that he was going to Bayern Munich ( which is something that has been widely reported by the media in German, Poland and England ) but the player has come out to deny the quotes.

“I was a bit shocked after I saw the quotes come out on Tuesday. My only intention was to answer the question about when I would clarify my future. Like I’ve said before, I intend to leave Dortmund, but I can’t say anything else until January.”

If the quotes above are true, then it seems Arsenal still have a chance of signing Lewandowski especially if you consider the reports that claim he has changed his mind about joining Bayern Munich after considering his chances of regular first team football with Bayern. This much was alluded to by his agent who confirmed he has spoked to Napoli in the just concluded window in regards to the transfer of Lewandwoski.

If the player is hell bent on joining Bayern Munich, why should his agent be discussing with another club? Th fact that his agent has not come out to deny the quotes that claim he was talking to Napoli shows the quotes are probably truly made by him.

With Levy still in the market and Arsenal in new of a striker, I will not be surprise if we try to get him in January and if we try as hard as we tried for Suarez, I believe we will have a chance considering not many clubs will be in for his services.

Of all the big clubs around, only Arsenal and Real Madrid need him. Real already confirmed they will be signing no one in January which leaves only Arsenal as the only truly big club who needs him ( expect if you count the Milan teams ).

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  1. Speculation and speculation how many times we have have to this rubbish story’s. I am really sick of it. Why we don’t wait and se what there will happened, this just put player like Giroud in uncomfortable position right now. During summer transfer window we listened to bunch of player will come to Arsenal and we get only Ozil which actual ell has been good deal but that shown how effected Giroud, right now we what we don’t need is a nerves and unhappy player that maybe think that fans are not happy and glad for him which we are. This may give very wrong signal to some player. We have to support what we have now and wait until January and se what Wengers plan is.

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