Colossal Loss For A Gunner After Defeat By Manchester United Defeat

Arsenal squad

After we lost to United at Old Trafford on Sunday, some Arsenal fans like me lost some money but there was one who lost far more than that. An Arsenal fan who lives in the Iganga District of Eastern Uganda was said to have lost his house in a bet as regards the outcome of the game.

Before kick-off the Arsenal fan, Henry Dhabasani staked his house which was a two-room apartment saying that his side was going to win at Old Trafford while the Manchester United fan (Rashid Yiga) on the other hand staked his Toyota and wife. The agreement which was witnessed by community leaders and fans was put into writing as they awaited the outcome of the match.

By the time the referee blew the final whistle, the Arsenal fan who has three wives and five children fainted as the 1-0 scoreline wasn’t in his favour. According to some eye-witnesses, Manchester United fans in that locality stormed Dhabasani’s home the following day and sent him and his family out.

What a pathetic experience this is! I don’t think I would have done such a thing even with our current form. I can try that against teams like Tottenham Hotspur but I haven’t gotten a house can call my own.

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