Chelsea Vs Arsenal Match – Morgan Calls For A Replay


Arsenal fans on Twitter already familiar with controversial celebrity Gunner and CNN presenter Piers Morgan won’t be surprised to read his tweet yesterday calling for a replay of the London derby between Chelsea and Arsenal.

Following the controversial sending off of Arsenal’s Kieran Gibbs in place of Alex Oxlade Chamberlain; a lot of arguments were made and are still being made whether the sending off did affect the outcome of the match. Though, the Gunners were already 2 goals down at the time of the sending off; one cannot rule out the possibility that Andre Mariner’s shocking decision could have affected the performance of the team.

The referee’s decision was not only shocking to say the least; it was one error that could affect the outcome of a team in race for the EPL title. The Football Association in its response say that Arsenal FC could appeal the sending off if they so desired. How many times this season and even in seasons past have we experienced horrendous referring by men in the centre and their assistance? The FA may encourage Arsenal to appeal the decision and the red card given to Gibbs may indeed be reversed; but what happens to the 3 points already awarded?

Arsenal may not have come to the party in their clash against fellow title rivals Chelsea; but there is no telling how massive the impact that decision may have had on the outcome of the match should things remain the way they were before the defender was erroneously sent off.

Morgan’s demand for a replay may not be unconnected with the way the Gunners turned out for today’s match. It may just be a reaction to the way the club was overwhelmed by Mou’s men; and Mariner’s shocking decision in spite of Chamberlain’s protest that he was the guilty player who handled the ball may just have angered him the more.

Morgan would go down in history as one of Arsenal’s most controversial fan considering the way he cast aspersions on players and manager of his club. His tweets and that of Allan Sugar, a former chairman of Spurs have always raised doubts about where their loyalty lie with the clubs they both support individually.

Morgan’s tweet reads thus:

Surely if this idiot ref Marriner has sent off the wrong player, we can demand a replay? #CFCvAFC

Piers Morgan (@piersmorgan) March 22 2014


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