Celebrity Gunner Begs Cristiano Ronaldo To Join Arsenal


Piers Morgan has used social networking site Twitter to try and persuade Cristiano Ronaldo to join Arsenal.

The Portuguese attacker reacted badly to Mesut Özil’s departure from Real Madrid to the Gunners. The talented Madrid star commented on the German’s sale while with training with Portugal ahead of their World cup qualifier with Northern Ireland.

“The sale of Özil is bad news for me. He was the player who best knew my moves in front of goal. I’m angry about Özil leaving.”

Piers Morgan was quick to act on Ronaldo’s commenting, sending a tweet to the former Manchester United starlet.

‘Hi @Cristiano – if you’re so unhappy about @MesutOzil1088 leaving, we can always find room for you too. #Afc’.

The tweet attracted a lot of attention with 2,745 other users re-tweeting the comment.

Of course it’s unlikely Ronaldo will act upon Morgan’s wish but it does pose the question of what Arsenal will do in future transfer windows. The signing of Özil is a benchmark and the player himself will be able to lure other talent to the club which could make Arsenal a force yet again.

The fortunes at the Emirates stadium could know be changing.

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