Cazorla Set To Reunite With Pellegrini At City?

With the end of the season comes the beginning of the summer when teams will be firing, hiring and signing new players to bolster their existing squad. There is already a high profile casualty in the Premier League with Roberto Mancini receiving the axe at Manchester City after his failure to win any trophy, most disappointingly the FA Cup he lost to minnows Wigan.

Now, there seems to be a replacement for him with the media touting Malaga coach, Manuel Pellegrini as his replacement. While the Chilean has denied he has agreed a
deal with City, it is just a matter of time before he does that after he was given the green light to leave at the end of the season.

At Malaga, he didn’t do badly, making Champions League last season and going all the way to the quater-finals in the club’s maiden season in the tournament. Should he arrive at Etihad, he is expected to make some acquisitions and the media have gone to work to link him with a swoop for his former player Santi Cazorla. The Spaniard was signed by Arsenal last season at the height of Malaga’s financial conundrum. When Cazorla left, Pellegrini fumed Arsenal got him on the cheap and might want to test Arsenal’s resolve now that he has financial might.

But why would Cazorla want to leave? He is one of the first names on the team list and has played more games than any other Arsenal player this season. He has scored
goals and assists, all in double figures and a regular in the Spanish team. The only blip was that he didn’t win a trophy with the Gunners but so didn’t City. Moving to City isn’t a guarantee of winning silverware. Also, moving because of a manager doesn’t make good sense considering the job insecurity at Manchester City (Hughes and Macini are casualties already). Next season, it might be Pellegrini but the tides could change if the waters become turbulent. What becomes of him if Pellegrini is sacked?

Above all, Cazorla cuts the figure of a loyal servant. He has played at three top level clubs; Villareal, Malaga and Arsenal and he has never been motivated by big name or money. He once rebuffed Real’s advances preferring to stay at Villareal and only left Malaga because of the financial hiccups. Arsenal are stable financially and he is enjoying his football, at least the first season was nothing short of sublime. If Real couldn’t tempt him with all the hype, is it City that lacks history and stability that will?

City’s interest in Cazorla if there is any, must be communicated to Arsenal first but I doubt if the club will want to hear it at all. He just arrived and has only used one out of the many years he signed for. They got Nasri, Clichy, Adebayor and Toure from us but those were different cases. The players were driven by greed and had craftily ran down their contract unlike Cazorla who is level-headed and has just begun his Arsenal adventure.

My little advice for Pellegrini, he should concentrate his efforts on bringing the best out of City’s talents and if he must sign, he should try Isco. He looks an easier target.


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  1. He should not think of signing him, coz he just used a season nd i know he is a gud player and he stil av a lot to do in arsenal.
    He is my best player of the season.

  2. Please (REALLY) Do we need these silly made up guess work comments. There is not a pray that Cazorla will sign for City. You can slate me all you wish but i am 100 per cent sure if he goes i am not a Arsenal season ticket holder. It really is silly to even talk about this to be honest. More chance of Spurs getting fourth this season just gone (Not a chance

  3. He doesnt strike me as loyal. Left Real Oviedo,one of the greatest small teams in the world, left villareal for a team with money. When malaga lost their money he joined arsenal. He might have rejected real but We’ve had much more loyal players leave us before

  4. Your GOONERHEAD must be up your arse. That’s the only place you’d find this ‘piece’.

  5. Carzola was no doubt our best player of the season, and in my 11 of the season in the league. Him leaving will b a stone in the shoe

  6. All made up rubbish. Don’t you have anything better to do instead of making up stupid stories. Get a girlfriend, that will help

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