Can Fulham Buy All of Arsenal’s Deadwood?

So Spain beat Portugal on penalties. Great.

Anyway, there were some rumors that erupted on twitter a few days ago about Ramsey being off to Fulham for $5.5. Well, I think it would make no sense for us to sell Ramsey, or even send him on loan. He had a pretty solid season for a 21 year old. Okay, he’s not perfect, but he’s playing for a side which finished 3rd in one of the toughest leagues in the world. High expectations. I think he can contribute massively next season, and either way he’s better off learning from Arteta and Rosicky and van Persie than Diarra and Sidwell. So loaning Ramsey makes no sense. These rumors are rubbish.

But I do quite like Fulham. They are a nice, harmless little club with a picturesque stadium and all that. They played some nice football, too, under ex-spud Jol. And, you know, unlike Chelsea, I was 100% behind Fulham when they played in a European final.

So, the other rumors, about Arshavin going to Fulham. They might also be very much rubbish but I’d like them to be true. Because the thing is, I like Arshavin as a player and as a man. I love his mercurial ways and his sense of humor. But I just don’t think he will be able to stay at Arsenal. If he moves to Fulham, he doesn’t have to play for Arsenal and I still get to see him in the EPL and still get to support him. Perfect.

Same goes for all the other players I like that won’t make it at Arsenal. Chamakh is one of them. I think he’d be better for them than Pogrebnyak or Johnson or whoever they had playing upfront last season. He’d be a star for them, and I’d be happy for him. Even if he scored against us, I wouldn’t want to murder him.

They can have Frimpong on loan next season, he’s gonna need one. Schwartzer is getting old now, and Fabianski is looking for a new club. Would love to see Senderos and Djourou partner up there. And Squillaci can join them, too, because why not.

That is my dream. But to be fulfilled it will have to wait until the end of this Euros thing. I think Poldi will score tomorrow, and Germany will walk all over Italy.

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