Can Bendtner Be Another Giroud


Since Arsenal failed to secure a big name striker in the summer window, they had to eat the humble pie and turn to their rejects to at least hold the forte till the winter window when they will once again try for a top striker but in the interim, we are stuck with the duo of Bendtner and Park. While the latter is of no consequence to me, the former ignites my interest. He is in the last year of his contract and have spent the last 2 seasons away from the Emirates. Now, that he is back, Wenger has given him a huge lifeline and even gave him the chance to unseat Giroud but can he seize the opportunity?

Both Giroud and Bendtner offer good physical presence as they both tower at 6’4 but only one uses that well enough. Giroud is an overtly physical striker who leads the line well, hold up play, defend, assist and also score. His work rate is truly phenomenal. Can Bendtner match this? Before his Arsenal hiatus, he was guilty of laziness and profligacy. Giroud has raised the bar of work ethic so high that Bendtner has some real catching up to do. Arsenal fans won’t slay Bendtner for missing chances, that is bound to happen but he must not stop trying. That’s something Giroud has.

Owing to their height, both players are aerial threats but besides been dominant in the air, Giroud’s finishing with his feet has hugely improved. Here again, Bendtner needs some catching up. Tonight, Giroud won’t be in action. It’s Bendtner’s time to prove to Wenger and the fans that he can replicate and possibly better Giroud’s performance.


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  1. Giroud has a neat touch on the ground, but Bendtner is stronger in the air. He has a huge vertical leap and great hangtime.

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