Brendan Rodgers Is A Liar – Suarez’s Friend Blasts Liverpool

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Luiz Suarez’s friend and national team mate Edison Cavani has blasted Liverpool over their treatment of the Uruguayan. Cavani took on Liverpool’s manager Brendan Rodgers on the speech the Liverpool manager made in regards to Suarez lacking loyalty after the striker went public with his intentions to leave the Anfield club.

“We have a standard at Liverpool that I will fight for my life to retain,” Rodgers said.

“There will never be any player or person bigger than the club.

“In terms of the remarks that were made, this is a football club that has always worked in a certain way.

“The Liverpool Way is all about a club with ambition, a club that strives to be the very best, a club that is about commitment. That means that everyone is committed to the cause of fighting for the shirt.

“It’s also about dignity and being dignified in how you speak about the club, on and off the
field, and it’s about unity.

“Those are the four values that run through my mind when I think about Liverpool. Those are the values we will always retain. If anyone steps outside of that standard, I will deal with it. That’s something that we’ll do.”

Rodgers talking to journalists about Suarez’s interview to the Guardian and Telegraph.

This comments have however irked Cavani who feels Rodgers have no rights to talk about loyalty or the lack of it.

“The Liverpool coach can talk about loyalty and disrespect, but maybe he needs to look up what it means.

“Luis had the chance last year to join a big club like Juventus, who went on to win the league in Italy.

“But, instead, he chose to stay and fight with Liverpool. Now, that’s what you call loyalty.

“I’ve known about his agreement with Liverpool and understood that he would be leaving, if they were not playing in the Champions League.”

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  1. I have already spoken about Brendan Rodgers. Transfers do not start and end with suarez. He has to be frugal with his words and be careful.

  2. I fill both Suarez and cavani are right. Henry and Rodgers are ass*ole,liars. They just want to fork out as much money from arsenal thats possible. They have no interest in Suarez ambitions and dreams . He has surely earned the right to play in ucl and should be freed from the stinky jaws of liverpool

  3. Liverpool FC should let Luiz Suarez achieve his dream move to Arsenal. They are now acting as obstacle to Suarez’s football career. Arsenal sold Robin Van Persie to Mancheter United and yet they are doing just fine. Are Liverpool fc trying to prove to the watching world that without Suarez there is no LFC! They should let Suarez leave and prove to him that even without luiz Suarez, there is Liverpool FC.

  4. I am not understanding Brendon Rodgers, how can u make statements like “its about dignity and how u speak about the club” “fight to wear the shirt” ” commitment” etc and still want Suarez to stay. It is clear that Suarez does not want to stay at ur club, because in ur eyes he lack all these qualities, so why still hanging on to the player, it is obvious to every1 that Suarez doesn’t want to stay, unless u r actually saying that Liverpool is not what u say it is. Suarez wont apology, what is ur next move, let him run down his contract, collect his wages and u dont have his services? U r getting twice the money u pay for him, take it and move on u dumb F*ck.

  5. Brendan Rodgers has forgotten what he did to swansea. Somebody should tell him to recall his actions back then, then he’ll realise dat his actions has come back to hunt him.

  6. Suarez is not an English, Irish, Welsh or Scottish man and he is not a European so he must be treated differently and disgraced even when similar offences by the almighty British players attract patting at the back.

  7. Liverpool with henry n rodgers are all packs of idiots! Hw can u talk about loyallty n yet tie down a player for no just cause? U sold Torres to chelsea n still u r still liverpool den V.persoe was sold to Man u n still Arsenal didn’t fall. All I hav to say is dat kEepin suarez wil neva b d solution cos as it stands Madrid wil neva sign him n its beta to take wat Arsenal is offering cos its twice of wat u paid for him n if u fil u can make Arsenal fork out 50m den all of u are jokers @LFC. So d earlier u sell him d beta for d club n for d fact u made him train alone, has worsened d situation for LFC n u want him to apologise n if I may ask, Wat Are They Smoking @ Anfield? Pls for Cavani insult them cos wen it comes to class, Arsenal is d Best in England cos moni can neva buy class n dat is wat is missin @Anfield!!!

  8. Suarez is lord of LFC without him no life in LFC if he leave Lfc will finish the leage in 10th positions belive me

  9. The point in question has nothing to do with Arsenal, they are peripheral in this matter. The question is “did an agreement exist verbally?”

    Obviously something caused Suarez to reject Juve and resign and something prompted him to think he had a way out. Brendan Rodgers says otherwise so he is basically saying Suarez is delusional and has acted in an irrational manner.
    If there was a gentleman’s agreement, Rodgers has put his reputation and career on the line here. Should it come out that there was what player would ever trust his word again? Liverpool has already looked bad backing Suarez in the Evra debacle, will they look worse if Rodger’s is found to have been selective in his memory.
    One maxim remains true…when entering into a “gentleman’s agreement” one needs to be convinced of the Preston’s bonafides as a gentleman! Rodgers has managed 4 teams since 2008…..I don’t know what that tells us about his understanding of loyalty, but he certainly would understand where Suarez is coming from in respect to ambition.

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