Breaking – Walcott And Sanchez In Dressing Roar

For any team to really do well, there must be an off-pitch harmony between the players and that is really evident in Arsenal at the moment.

England international and Arsenal attacker Theo Walcott has revealed that he’s had a dressing room burst up with Chilean international Alexis Sanchez.

The incident occurred at half-time in Arsenal’s 4-1 win at the KCOM Stadium, after Sanchez had missed a first-half penalty.

The Gunners were only 1-0 up at the time and Sanchez insisted on taking the spot-kick ahead of the designated taker Santi Cazorla.

Walcott says he loves playing with the Chile international but they don’t see eye-to-eye all the time.

He said: “I have played with some fantastic players in my long Arsenal career, and Alexis is definitely one I really enjoy playing with and genuinely enjoy every minute on the pitch with him.

“Sometimes we might have a bit of a discussion among each other, that is what you want and it is that respect for each other.

“Do we have a snipe at each other? Now and then.

“There was a particular moment at Hull, but that will stay in the dressing room.”

Walcott believes moments like that are vital for a team often criticised for their lack of passion.

“It is good, it shows the passion we have in the team now,” he added.

“We have winners and I think Alexis is a winner, he has been to Barcelona and won everything and he obviously wants us to win as well.

“If the passion is there, the team perform much better.”


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